Hello. I'm a Designer and Front-End Developer.

User Experience

A fantastic first impression always
begins with a solid foundation of
a good user experience. Ensuring
the users are not only happy with
a product, but also enjoy using it,
can be paramount to success.

Website & UI Design

Content may be king, but nobody
respects a king with a disgraceful
castle. Having a phenomenal user
interface is more than just pretty
pixels, it's based on data-driven
design, focusing on your users.

Front-End Development

Finally, turning the concepts and
research into reality. Ensuring the
finished website not only functions
as a beautifully unified system, but
also is mantianable, responsive,
and semtantic, is a top priority.

Dribbble Shots

Dribbble is a popular community for designers to share progress of their work. You'll find much of my work on my profile, dating all the way back to 2011. From personal projects, client work, and even volunteer projects as well. Follow me there for regular updates on what I’m working on.

Client Testimonials

People have great things to say about working with me! Take a look for yourself and see what my previous clients are saying about their projects and their experience working together. Each testimonial links to the client's website, be sure to check it out!

I am forever grateful for finding Dustin. He's a designer who really understands UX/UI and knows how to bring an idea to life. My new website design came out better than I had it mocked up in my head! I'll continue to use his services and recommend him to everyone.

Dustin is highly recommended for his professionalism, excellent communication and his attention to details. My experience was great from start to finish, and his services exceeded our expectations. Our company has worked with Dustin for several projects, and his skills have been vital to our success.

We have been very much impressed by Dustin's ability to read our minds and deliver an identity for Kipin Hall that perfectly symbolizes our vision and conveys the stylish, elegant & modern image we needed to sustain the development of our company.

Publications & Blog Entries

I frequently publish long-form editorials on subjects like user experience, web development, and design. You can see external publications, as well as regular posts on my blog. If you enjoy reading, subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on future posts!

Responsive vs adaptive workflows

Responsive web design has become a catch-all term for making your website work well at low resolutions. Smartphones brought a revolution to the mobile web, and tablets are throwing another wrench into the gears with their growing popularity. With all things considered, a website today could be experienced on a low resolution smartphone, a medium resolution tablet, or a high resolution desktop or laptop. When you throw retina displays into the mix, the number of…

Infinite scrolling: Quick tips to get it right

Infinite scrolling has became a common design pattern in recent years. With many high profile social networks adopting the solution, it’s come to be one of the most widely adopted patterns out there. Though however popular, every design pattern always has its own unique strengths and weaknesses we have to plan for. Done badly, infinite scrolling will wreck your UX and guarantee total failure as users desert you in droves. Get it right, and you’ll…

The designer’s guide to pixel hinting

Pixel-perfect icons and typography stand out among the crowd online. Obviously we all want to strive for such refined work, but sometimes even after trying we still end up with something a little… less. Pixel Hinting is one of the skills that takes an automatic feature and improves upon its results. Despite the ultra high resolution of displays today—like Apple’s retina displays—we still need to sometimes refine…

An introduction to dark patterns

User Experience has come a long way in the last decade, especially in the world of web design. Now more than ever, people are more focused on making sure the user not only has it easy, but also enjoys the product or service that they’re using. But whilst most people are working to form a more usable and enjoyable web for the user; some work to deceive the user and trick them with UX techniques…

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